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No CAT 5 wires through the walls. No system outages. Private WIFI & Cellular Data Network to power your POS throughout the night.

Our Features

fight chargebacks in one click
Captures Client Information (Paperless)

No more paper copies of receipts, ID’s and Credit Cards. ChargeSavvy digitizes everything and stores it for retrieval at anytime from anywhere.

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PCI and EMV compliant
Open Tabs / Pre-Authorize

Create an open tab environment even with EMV cards or simply pre-authorize and later close when completed, even if it’s days later.

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PCI and EMV compliant

When staff logs in - automate a social media message: "Come visit me at Dallas Club tonight! Mention my name at the door and get free cover"

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PCI and EMV compliant
PCI & EMV Compliant

Accept CHIP Cards & NFC. Level 1 PCI Compliant. Secure servers, secure data, secure sleeping. Data and client information integrity is everything.

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Tableside Checkout

Leave your customers in their seats where they are spending money. Table-side check out increases revenue and is made easy with ChargeSavvy iPad Minis and a connection that expands across your entire location.

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Fight Chargebacks

No more scanning and faxing. Fight chargebacks with the click of a button from your Client Dashboard. E-fax , email and print in seconds. The banks have never been more happy.

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Robust Reporting

Reporting like you have never seen. From server revenue to inventory analytics to operation breakdown, let ChargeSavvy reporting drive your business decisions.

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Low & High Risk Processing
Low & High Risk Processing

ChargeSavvy is integrated for both low and high risk credit card processing. At ChargeSavvy you are never misclassified based on your business type. Have the comfort of processing without looking over your shoulder.

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WE ARE THE BANK. ChargeSavvy has more flexibility when it comes to your transaction and payment handling than any other POS in the world.
HIGH RISK – We got your back. ChargeSavvy welcomes all verticals without MCC misclassification. Sleep at night without fear of termination in the morning.
SAME DAY Deposits – End your shift, & check your bank account to see your money immediately available. We told you we are a SMART POS.
Nightly Payouts – Push TIPs, Commissions & 1099 Payments in REAL-TIME to your staff’s bank account, even in the middle of the night. Keep less cash on location.
Payroll – Verifiable. Accountable. Automated. Welcome to 2018 payroll, where saving paper is just the beginning.
$2 Billion
Stations Deployed
Chargebacks Won
Additional Nightclub Features:
We love nightclubs so much we made a ton of features to make the best of those late hours.

Table-Side Checkout has never been easier:

Checkout guests while they are seated and create a great customer experience. Increased TIPs and quick payment processing are just two of many reasons servers and staff love ChargeSavvy.

Rapid TIP Adjust

TIP adjusting can take hours at the end of the night. Not with ChargeSavvy. No need to look up check #s. Activate Rapid Tip Adjust and scan in receipts to adjust in seconds.

A Mix of Old & New

ChargeSavvy can be 100% paperless, but also has the option to print receipts and orders if needed. Choose the closest printer or set automated printing to the bar/kitchen printers. Send receipts via email & text and collect data for re-targeting.

Digital Contracts

Complete contracts online via your iPad, Phone or Computer and upload all your documents (i.e ID, SS Card). Everything is stored digitally for quick retrieval. Compliant E-signatures and quick emailing to HR gets the paperwork out of the way while remaining #paperless.

Features, Features, Features

Power your location with over 100 features from forced cash drops that protect against new hire theft to team checks for faster bartending. Built on advice from hospitality owners, operators and back office staff. We constantly strive to meet the demands of our clients.

Funny Money

Print and Redeem Club Cash in a safe and secure way. Impossible to counterfeit with our unique serial numbers and redemption software. You can even tie the Club Cash to a specific staff member, table or VIProom. Bartenders can accept Club Cash as tender so clients can pay for drinks and food.

Analytics On Steroids

Across similar shifts, does Sara void more transactions than Anna? Who serves drinks faster? More Bottles? Average drinks per customer? Average spend? What is your shift-labor ratio? What’s the average age of your guest? Where do your guests live? How long do they stay on location? Let analytics drive your business. ChargeSavvy delivers your numbers in a manner that lets you take action.


Generate 1099s with the click of a button at anytime. Need to fire off a 1099 to your vendors or staff? Logon to your backend dashboard, generate and email a compliant 1099 to the needed parties. No math involved, after all, we are a SMART POS!

ChargeSavvy has a solution for your industry!


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